Best Tequila Drinker’s Gift: An Advent Calendar Part I: The Discovery

My brother originally introduced to me to Tequila in 2007, when we found ourselves stuck at a hotel bar, and I said “what are you drinking now?” And he said “Tequila.” As a spirit aficionado, I knew that he must not be talking about the horrific yellow paint thinner I had endured in college. He said, no it’s better now. Right there, 15 years ago, I had my first Patron (on ice). Since then, we have left them (and all of their attempts to separate us from our money with products that are exactly as disappointing as we think they will be)behind, but that drink was a revelation at the time.

We have been on the journey together, starting with what we thought were our discoveries, and brave forays into different kinds of juice; through Clase Azul to Tears of Llorona from and from Kah to 1446. We’ve excitedly unwrapped imports together, attended tastings, and once a month we go out to hunt for what’s new, different. For my birthday, he almost always finds a new barrier to explore—first it was these very, very high end bottles (Rey Sol being the most recent amazement).

Tapatio Gran Reserva Extra Anejo, the star of this "Drinks by the Dram" Tequila Advent Calendar.
A tequila advent calendar to delight your favorite agave enthusiast.

So it makes perfect sense that he would get me the greatest present ever, something I never would have found, or even looked for, a Tequila Advent Calendar! It’s from “Drinks by the Dram” and it promises “24 different, handmade wax-sealed drams from boutique producers to world-renowned brands.” Below, just a few displayed: Fortaleza Still Strength, Tapatio Gran Reserva XA and Don Fulano Reposado. It is a not just a great gift, it is an amazing gift because so often my bar is littered with bottles that I had one or two drinks from and decided I didn’t like it. This is the amazing opposite; it allows us to sample something without having to endure a whole bottle if we don’t like it; or instruct us to get as many bottles as we can if we do like it!

Fortaleza Still Strength, Tapatio Excelencia, Don Fulano Reposado are three tequilas you should definitely have in your collection.

Amazing tequilas, to sample (although these three are keepers!)

Tequila Advent Calendar Part II: The Gifting–Just in time for Christmas.

The Tequila Advent Calendar, described above by Drinks by the Dram ceased to be available (and now is “Tequila & Mezcal Collection), I found another comparable one at The Spirit Co., which is a London-based company but ships internationally. I know this since I got my order from them today.

The Spirit company promises Arette, Tequila Ocho and Arte Nom as part of their excellent Tequila Advent Calendar.
Looks like Advent calendars have to have Mezcal added because there’s not enough Tequila

This collection seems comparable or better than the last, since it contains Arette, Tequila Ocho, Fortaleza and Arte Nom, just to name a few. The collection is $170 and is available at the link below the picture. (I am not part of the company, I am just providing the link, name and post as a service since a lot of folks asked me to where get the calendar last year and I could not help.) I also think that with the great brands inside this box, it is a very good (if not perfect) poster for additive-free tequilas.

If someone you knows insists they love tequila and Clase Azul, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

For a funny “Goofus & Gallant” comparison, there is another Tequila Advent calendar at givethembeer (.com) which hilariously celebrates Jose Cuervo Especial and Casamigos as “Top selling brands that taste good…and are known to be highly rated among Tequila enthusiasts.” So, the more you know. Right?