Raiding the Minibar

Separate from the tequila to drink and/or serve, I have become obsessed with collecting mini/half bottles of the Tequila brands I love.

Though not all brands I love make a mini-or half bottle (Pasote? Gran Dovejo?) I have found the following:

  1. La Gritona (Repo)
  2. ArteNom (1123, 1414, 1579 and 1146)
  3. 123 Organic (1-2-3)
  4. Tears of Llorona
  5. Ocho (Repo) 500ml
  6. Fortaleza (Blanco & Anejo)
  7. El Tequileno (Platinum and Gran Reposadl)
  8. El Tesoro (Blanco)
  9. Arette Unique (Repo)

I sought out the Fortaleza Anejo but a rep from the company told me they didn’t make a 375ml. Ocho Blanco and Arette Unique Blanco have not been findable but through this r/tequila I was hipped to the Tepozan collection which I will add soon. I have not pursued non additive-free tequilas, Patron, Don Julio, Herradura, of which there are many mini (375m) and nip sizes.

I’m only sorry I didn’t start sooner with the additive-free bottle collecting because I am certain the costs of these small bottles would have been much more manageable a few years ago (though perhaps the demand would not have been there).