Brilliant Blancos!

IMG_4919Excuse this picture, it contains Maestro Dobel, which is not a blanco, but a reposado that’s been double-distilled, and so is clear (sort of the opposite of a Joven).  However, its crisp, clean taste and clear appearance mean it is often confused for a blanco at a bar.  On the store shelves you can see Dobel has a collection including a reposado ‘classico’ that is not clear and blanco that is not as tasty.  They also have a Humito, which I have not had, but seems like a Mezcal (smoky flavor) they are calling a tequila.  The Diamante though, is a great starter for anyone who is not familiar with Tequila, because it is so smooth. Likewise for Tequila Cabeza’s and Villa Lobos.  These are great starters pre-food because they are simple, have a snap, little burn and a nice aftertaste.