Extraordinary Añejos

Some of the best tasting tequila ever concocted.

Some of the best tasting tequila ever concocted.

I have written about the ArteNom tequilas and it should be noted that while every bottle they produce is worth buying and drinking, especially their Anejo, the Clase Azul Añejo is so crazily delicious that it might knock ArteNom off its throne.

You may know Clase Azul from its unique blue and white porcelain bottle and its best of class reposada.  The anejo, which is prohibitively expensive, even more so than an extra añejo and not easy to find, is a special bottle that likely deserves the extra effort and attention.  Their website does a good of explaining how they make the tequila and how ‘every bottle is a one-of-a-kind work of art. That just tells me that art-haters who are budget-conscious tequila lovers should have an option of getting it in some plain bottle, too.

Did I say it was prohibitively expensive? If you’re not sure you want to go on the journey, I recommend you try the reposado (about $85-$100) because it is a good reposado (except for artenom) that you will find.  Once you’ve savored that, and your mind is blow that is another level of smoothness you could get to, you might want to embark.

And then, if perhaps you hit the lottery, you can seek out the $2,000 bottle of Clase Azul “Ultra” that is aged for five years and each bottle, according to their website, “features a 24k gold label and is hand-painted using pure liquid platinum by Mexico’s most talented artisans. Adorned with the signature Clase Azul agave medallion in .925 Ley sterling silver, each bottle is truly one of a kind!”  So if your stimulus check is burning a whole in your wallet and you love tequila and precious metals, this is the one to get!  But don’t forget to have me over for a taste when you get it.